T Alex Ratcliffe

About Me

After years of suffering through stories that had more “message” than story. Craving something better I started working on my own stuff free from politics, messaging, and required representation. Just the stories as they were meant to be, entertaining. Feel free to browse my published works and my reviews of others works down below.

Published Works

Here’s a list of the books I’ve currently published and those that are currently in the works.


Here’s my reviews and miscellaneous stuff I’ve made.

Book Reviews

Jobless Reincarnation Series and Isekai Rant

The Long Moonlight

A Place Outside the Wild

The Artificer Review

Penance Review

Dracula's Guest Review

Other Videos

Contests and weird stuff

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Hear My Story Winner June 1: The Event

M19 from Treads of Vengeance, the third book in the Starshatter series